Indiana Lake History

In a state known for its farmlands and basketball…

…lake living isn’t what many people think of when they think of Indiana or Indianapolis. Being that Indianapolis is the largest city in America not located on a large river, lake or near mountain streams, their thought process would appear to be right.

Over 70 years ago reflecting on this fact of no major water sources near the city, and after a mid-twentieth century study indicated future growth of the city was dependent on the stored water capabilities in the area, the Indianapolis Water Company (IWC) designed and built Geist and Morse Reservoirs. Construction of Geist Reservoir began in 1941 and Morse Reservoir construction commenced in 1956. Both were created in an ecologically sound method by using several small creeks in the area as water sources.

Homes didn’t begin to be built on the reservoirs until the development of real estate began in the early 1970s. From then on, neighborhoods began to blossom in the area as many Hoosiers seized the opportunity to live a luxurious lake lifestyle. Today, upscale home developments encircle both lakes providing lakefront living and waterfront access. Both reservoirs offer beautiful recreational amenities to the community including swimming, boating and fishing.